Michael Schenker Group - Time

Michael Schenker Group - Time

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Дата релиза: 2016-11-27

Длительность: 04:00

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I was just another fool
Breaking everybody's rules
Same mistake as the last time
Everything was easier
I didn't have to worry no
Now it's all gone
Suddenly I find myself
Can't it be that I must find my way
What more can I say
And so it goes
Oh Nothing will be clear anymore

Time and there's so much left to say
Still I can't find the words
When you need just one more day
Time and there's so much left to say

But I just can't find the time
So many reasons to despair
I needed help but no one was there
I should have known I should have known
What was I supposed to do
The only one to understand me now was you
But I never knew
And so it goes
Oh now nothing will be clear anymore

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