Jude Cole - Back To School

Jude Cole - Back To School

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Дата релиза: 2016-12-18

Длительность: 04:00

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Текст песни:


It's your life and I'm not gonna live it
The change is coming and it's overdue
I'm gonna take you over the limit
You know I'm only looking out for you


I get lucky
I get lucky
And I'll see
You get lucky too

I'll be there when you get into a rut
That's the beauty of living my life
Hold on baby I'm taking you back to school

When logic fails don't lose your head
You just turn to me instead
Hold on baby now here we go back to school
I wanna wear a big school letter
I wanna write poetry
Why don't you take off that big school sweater

Come on and we'll make history


We could spend the night
In some ivory tower
And watch the world go right
Cuz every dream we have
Is all within our power
Let's make our move tonight
Look out

Repeat Chorus x5

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